The first HOF graphics card was announced in 2010 and sold exclusively in China. The HOF, or
Hall of Fame series, is an ultra-premium product line from KFA2.

The typical “Hall of Fame” may memorialize rock stars or athletes, but HOF in the graphics card
industry refers to the 3DMark Hall of Fame, which immortalizes the world records of overclockers
using various 3DMark benchmarking software.

Breaking 100 World OC records since released Globally in 2013, our aim is to further develop and
the push the boundaries of overclocking, working as apart of the OC scene and gain recognition for producing the best products to set the level.

Customization is always a key factor with in not only the HOF's design, but overall performance
and with this in mind, we have now teamed up with one of the worlds renown OC PRO athlete
to produce a limited edition custom HOF product, with their own personal tweaks on spec's and overall looks.

Introducing the 8PACK GTX 980 HOF:

8PACK - British, UK.

Currently ranked the Worlds best overclocker on HWbot. Hold's 20 benching world records. Only overclocker in HWbot history to reach 3000 points and one of our regulars at GOC as a main contenders, 1st place Winner 2014.

Q. When did he start to OC and become a PRO OCER.

I started OC to try improve my frame rates when gaming back in 2001. I did not run benches back then just monitor the effects of system tweaking on my games. I became an avid bench-er posting scores on HWBot in April 2012. My goal was to be the best in UK which I reached in around 12 months. At this point I was approached by Overclockers UK and CaseKing to work for them on a range of very high end systems. Its at this point in November 2013 I became a Pro Overclocker. Since this point I have become world ranking number one on HWbot, won several OC Competitions including GOC 2014, held all global 3D benching world records and was the first overclocker in history to break 3000 individual points barrier on Hwbot.

Q. Thoughts on the current scene and where its headed

The Gaming and Overclocking scene as I see them are continually growing. Users are demanding higher frame rates from products that use less power. The GTX 980 is a perfect example of this type of product producingrecord launch figures for a flagship card at OCUK. The Overclocking scene is growing too with many competitors trying to be a part of a community offering larger prizes and vendor support than ever before. Sure OC is a drag race and never for 24-7 but guys who see components working well way above spec realize they will offer them great reliabilty. Also now pre- overclocked products are the norm and this 8Pack card is the fastest out of the box unit in the world.

Q. Why do you use KFA2 products?

I use KFA2 HOF GPU as they are the most powerful and efficient GPU on the planet. They rag the rest.

"The HOF series for many years has been top of the Futuremark Hall of Fame and has become synonymous with quality products that can produce some crazy benching numbers.I use the latest 980 HOF card as its been tuned for the power user who demands the absolute best performance and efficiency. The memory latency's on the HOF are lower so clock for clock performance is higher. The card Overclocks further too which gives it a massive benefit when benching and playing games. I also use the HOF 980 series as the PWM power design is very strong and over specified which means the GPU never runs short on power or stability even under very tough benching loads. KFA2 push the boundaries and I am all about this!! " 8PACK

8PACK customized full black styling, handpicked and tested with LN2 WR OC by 8PACK.

This card will be limited edition and only availiable from Overclockers, UK and CaseKing, Germany

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