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KFA2, a leading manufacturer and innovator of extreme performance gaming hardware, today announced their new distribution signup with Compuspain, enabling the availiability of KFA2 products into the Spanish market.

Whilst the name may be new to some, those behind KFA2 have plenty of experience in the industry, being the European arm of Galaxy Microsystems with a well established manufacturing facility with over 18 years production history. KFA2 offer the best quality and best performing NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU graphics cards, manufactured for games. Their range consists of the Full NVIDIA line up and prides themselves on their own custom PCB designs and Cooling solutions based off the original NVIDIA reference designs.

With a pure European focus, KFA2 provide European-based support, warehousing and RMA facilities for optimum peace of mind. Via product reviews and advertising campaigns they are actively working to drive demand in the end-user market by producing the best optimum performing custom Graphics Cards at a price that brings overall value to the market.
Off the back of these efforts, their aim is not only to create a sole focused NVIDIA European only brand, but also a business structure and quality of product that adhere to the dynamics of European market and mind-set of its consumer.

Available from Aussar - etail and Compuspain - Distribution.

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